New Travel trends in South Africa

New Travel trends in South Africa

New Travel trends in South Africa

Travel bans and restrictions are still in the news we are being updated on a daily basis as to where we can and can’t go. Many South Africans who usually travel as part of their job or want to take a vacation are now working remotely, or taking shorter ‘working breaks’ closer to home.

For the working parent, trying to juggle work, get some vacation time and schooling the kids is quite a challenge. More and more people are getting irritated and are fed up with the stay at home culture so when ‘cabin fever’ starts setting in, it’s definitely time to take a break.

New travel trends are changing the way one experiences outdoor activities, ‘schoolcation’ or distance learning in South Africa. Riverlodge Backpackers in Cape Town can help shed some light on some of these trends that will shape the way we work, play and travel so here are just a few of those trends to start you off…

1. Digital nomads
Digital Nomads

‘OOO', or ‘always out of the office’ is the new remote working norm and as a digital nomad, you can take full advantage of remote working in Cape Town by swapping your home office for a location with a view. Riverlodge Backpackers is perfect for the digital nomad. To find out why, you can read our blog all about the Digital Nomads in Cape Town.

2. Schoolcations:
Schoolcation at Riverlodge Backpackers

‘Schoolcations’ allow families to combine remote learning and online lessons for the kids while the parents work online or get a little chill time. Riverlodge Backpackers, just 10 minutes from Cape Town CBD, is perfectly situated within Oude Molen Eco Village with its eco-friendly businesses such as an organic deli for the health conscious traveller. Lunch breaks can be spent hiking, a dip in the pool or horse-riding and other great outdoor activities. Riverlodge Backpackers can book some other great activities for the kids.

Riverlodge Backpackers has some nice quiet areas for virtual learning and remote work and accommodation for large ‘schoolcation’ learning groups can easily catered for by booking one of the several dorm rooms.

3. Reunion travel:
Riverlodge Backpackers Family Reunion

Family get-togethers have been difficult during these trying times, especially for the larger family groups looking for a place to stay whilst having enough activities to keep the kids and the relatives happy.

People around South Africa (and around the world), want reunite with family and friends as soon as possible.
Family member’s homes are not always convenient and space can be a problem. Hotels are expensive for the families travelling on a budget and smaller hostels might not be ideal for a large family reunion.

Riverlodge Backpackers is the perfect space for the family reunion and has all the facilities a large group could wish for: Single, double and large dorm rooms; Large communal lounges and large semi-covered outside area with full braai facility and covered boma; Licenced bar with pool tables and much more.

Safety remains paramount and Riverlodge Backpackers is a Covid-19 and lock-down certified essential service accommodation supplier.

4. Outdoor activities:
Riverlodge Backpackers Outdoor Activities

Travellers and backpackers are looking for more unique outdoor activities, wide open spaces and off-the-beaten-track experiences to escape the realities of life for a while. The holidaymaker and the working traveller alike are spoilt for choice in Cape Town with its diverse culture, breathtaking scenery, historical spots, nature reserves and more.

Riverlodge Backpackers can book your outdoor activity which can range from shark cage diving to helicopter flips. To discover some of the more interesting and unusual activities you can read our blog entitled “Off The Beaten Track… “Unusual Backpacking Activities in Cape Town”.

5. Niche travel:
Riverlodge Backpackers Niche Travel

Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions travellers are looking for safer destinations, tour operators and establishments that make it easy to maintain social distancing, especially when wanting to do a larger group block bookings including school groups, family groups, team building groups, film crews etc.
Riverlodge Backpackers in Cape Town is Covid-19 protocol compliant.

Cape Town is the perfect getaway whether it’s for a week or just a weekend. There is so much to see and experience starting with food, art and cultural tours, birding tours, glamping, slack-packing hikes, photography holidays and biking adventures. Riverlodge Backpackers will help you find your niche.

“No matter where you roam… Make Riverlodge Backpackers your home away from home…”

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