COVID-19 Compliance

Certified essential service accommodation provider | COVID-19 and lockdown

Riverlodge Backpackers has been certified as an essential service accommodation supplier in Cape Town, South Africa. Below we explain what we do to stay in line with COVID-19 regulations, and what we expect our guests to do.

Responsibilities of Riverlodge Backpackers and our staff:

  • A non-invasive Thermo scan to read body temperature will be done on every occasion when the guest arrives back at the hostel after having left the hostel for any reason.
  • Upon entry all guest will have their hands and any items brought in sanitized. A wipe will be supplied for you to wipe down your luggage and parcels.
  • A Hygiene officer has been appointed.
  • All staff have been instructed on hygiene and Covid-19 safety precautions.
  • All staff will maintain the 1.5-meter social distancing from another person.
  • All staff will wear protective face masks when dealing with guests and in public.
  • All staff have been instructed to wash their hands regularly and after contact with frequently used surfaces or another person.
  • No handshakes or physical contact will be allowed between any people.
  • The number of guests per room will be limited. However, there may be exceptions, and these can be discussed on a one to one basis.
  • Hand sanitisers are placed in all the communal areas.
  • Staff sanitise all high contact surface areas regularly.
  • All communal areas will be sanitized at least twice a day and high touch areas more often.
  • Meal preparations need to be staggered to ensure protocol of social distancing and we implore you to be patient when this occurs.

 COVID-19 Responsibilities of Riverlodge Backpacker guests: 

  • All guests are to sanitise their hands upon arrival. Sanitiser is available at the entrance but if you wish to use your own it must be done in front of the staff member on duty.
  • All guests are to sanitise any items brought into the hostel. A wipe down will be supplied.
  • All guests are to practice the standard 1.5 meter social distancing always within the hostel.
  • All guests are to wear face masks. No guest will be allowed to check in without a face mask on and they are to supply their own.
  • Guests may be subject to a non-invasive temperature test upon arrival.
  • All guests must practice social distancing of 1.5 meters always
  • All guests are to wipe down surfaces in bathrooms and kitchen after use. Disinfectant and cloths will be provided.
  • All guests are to wash their hands regularly after contact with another person or frequently touched surfaces.
  • No handshaking or other physical contact with another person.
  • No visitors will be allowed - Only guests that are checked in. This will be reviewed when South African government takes us down to a safer level.
  • We have a paperless system for check in upon arrival.
  • All guests must sign a declaration that they are not infected with Covid-19 and that they indemnify Riverlodge Backpackers against any claim if they contract the disease. This will be done upon arrival at check in.

    The health and safety of all our guests and staff is top priority amidst this pandemic. Together, we will get through this!