Reasons Why I Love Cape Town

Why I Love Cape Town


The Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Cape Town


Ahh.. Cape Town. My home.

As the saying goes, 'familiarity breeds contempt'. For the most part, I do agree with this phrase. If I were to eat my favourite meal every night for a week, the flavours that once tantalised my taste buds would surely begin to seem dull. If I had to spend every second of every day with my absolute favourite person, I would soon find their humour, characteristics and presence somewhat annoying.

However, although I was born and bred in South Africa's Mother City, my wonder and love for it never dies. Cape Town is captivating in so any ways and to this day, I'm always finding new activities to enjoy and places to explore.

Here are the reasons why I love Cape Town and why you will, too.


The beaches


Dalebrook Beach In Cape Town, Why I Love Cape Town

Dalebrook Beach in Kalk Bay


Cape Town is definitely spoilt when it comes to beaches, having a blend of 2 oceans (the Atlantic and Indian oceans) and vast coastlines with over 20 beaches in total. Cape Town does not disappoint when it comes to sand, sun and waves. Each beach is so unique with various fun activities (depending on which beach you go to), such as surfing, wind surfing, kite surfing, body boarding and fishing. So put your swim suit on and head to any of Cape Town's beaches for beautiful views, awesome waves and a wonderful day! 




Wine Tasting, Cape Winelands, Why I Love Cape Town

Wine tasting at Goats Do Roam in Fairview


Wine tasting in the Cape Winelands ​is an absolute must. It is the largest wine producing region in South Africa, comprising of Constantia, Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Paarl, Robertson and Wellington. ​Cape Town is renowned for its top quality wine and the wine farms are set on magnificent landscapes that will blow you away. 




Cape Town Mountains, Lions Head, Why I Love Cape Town

Lions Head


Cape Town has some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Table Mountain, to mention one of them, is a Natural World Wonder and people from all over flock to experience her iconic beauty. Activities such as hiking, rock climbing, abseiling and paragliding are great to do on Cape Town's mountains and the views from the top are absolutely unforgettable and mesmerising. In the picture above, we did a Full Moon hike up Lions Head - highly recommended. You'll get to see the sun setting over the Atlantic Ocean at the same time that the moon is rising over the Overberg Mountains.




Cape Town Karaoke, Brass Bell, Why I Love Cape Town

Karaoke Night at Brass Bell in Kalk Bay


Everybody loves karaoke! Throw down a couple tequilas and you'll be performing like Tina Turner. Cape Town has various karaoke spots where aspiring pop stars can have their 3 minutes of fame, like Brass Bell, Aces n Spades, Manila Bar, Trenchtown, Dizzy's and more! Each place normally has a certain night of the week just for karaoke, so check it out and make your appearance. You're guaranteed a fun night full of laughter and drinks whichever place you decide to go to, believe me.




Culture, Diversity, Cape Town, People

Loving each others' similarities as well as differences <3


Cape Town has an eclectic menu of cultures, owing to its rich history. We have heritages from Malaysia, Indonesia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Netherlands, English, French, indigenous Khoi and San  people, not to mention local African tribes. Although South Africa went through a harsh period of Apartheid, we seem to get along with each other quite well these days (for the most part..). Personally, the mix of cultures and characters of Cape Town is wonderful!




Cape Town weather, why i love Cape Town

Loving the summer sunshine


Cape Town has a Mediterranean climate, which means that our summers are warm and sunny while our winters are cool and wet. We don't experience snow in Cape Town itself (luckily for me - I am not a fan of cold) but surrounding areas with higher altitudes do. The average summer temperature in Cape Town is 24.3°C and winter's average is 13°C. The Cape Doctor, or the south-easterly wind, that blows between Spring and Summer can be a nuisance at times (naughty wind always blows up my dresses and skirts) but serves a good purpose to cleanse the city from pollution. Yay for Cape Town's weather!




Cape Town Markets, Why I Love Cape Town

Selling jewellery at a market


Capetonians love their markets - it's a great opportunity to socialise while browsing unique goodies, listening to live music and munching on yummy treats. Markets are perfect for those who are looking to chill out with the family or some friends in a vibrant atmosphere. Had a tough day at work? You're in luck because you are guaranteed to find beer and wine on the menu to help you unwind! Luckily, markets in Cape Town are nor difficult to come across.




Cape Town City Hall, Beautiful Buildings

Cape Town City Hall


Cape Town has a rich history which has resulted in many historical and iconic buildings scattered around the city and surroundings. You will see diverse styles of buildings due to various settlers throughout the years, ranging from Portuguese, British, Dutch and Malay. I recommend visiting Bo-Kaap to see all the colourful Cape Malay houses. Another must see is the Castle of Good Hope which was built by the Dutch in 1666.


Night Life


Cape Town night life, Why I Love Cape Town


Cape Town's night life is diverse and can satisfy everyone's taste, whether you're looking for a jol (party), family fun, or a nice chilled evening. Long Street is well known for it's endless stretch of bars, clubs and restaurants. Claremont is also well-known for a good night out. Night markets would be a great option if you are looking for a chilled, yet vibey night out, and a picnic/sundowners on Signal Hill is one of my favourites.




Restaurants In Cape Town, Why I Love Cape Town

Roxy's in Gardens


Cape Town is the culinary capital of South Africa with a wide selection of high-quality restaurants. Whatever you're in the mood for, Cape Town has it, whether it's Italian, Middle Eastern, African, French, Asian or Mexican. Roxy's has a really awesome menu as well as a pool table and quirky setting. Another recommendation would be House of H, where they grow their own greens and have an absolutely funky and welcoming vibe.


Outdoor Festivals


Festivals of Cape Town, Why I Love Cape Town

Jungala Festival


The last but not least reason why I love Cape Town is because there are many awesome outdoor festivals that happen, usually in Spring and Summer months. Some festivals you may have to drive out an hour or two, but I promise you it's so worth it. These festivals often go on for the entire weekend with constant DJ sets playing, various stalls, dance floors, and sometimes dams/rivers to swim in (spot me in the front centre, wearing the yellow top :-) ).


Riverlodge Backpackers is a short 12 minutes drive away from the city and we can arrange shuttle services wherever you would like to go in Cape Town. We'll help you experience Cape Town to the fullest! 

If you're looking for a good time without venturing far, we have a pool table, a bar and a TV available for our guests. Makes yourself at home.


Written by Saskia Carelse


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