Why Cape Town Is The Best Place For Photography

Why Cape Town Is A Photographer's Paradise


Cape Town's Exquisite Views & Vibrant Scenery Makes It The Best Place For Photographers To Be


If you're familiar with Cape Town, you'll know all about the rolling mountains, the stunning oceans and the vast winelands. It's no secret that Cape Town is breath-taking.

Before I was introduced to the travel industry, I was working in a spa in Cape Town. One of my clients was a Canadian woman who had moved to the city a couple years prior. Being curious, I asked her what had made her decide to move to Cape Town.

"I moved to Cape Town because of the colours." she told me. Not quite understanding what she meant by that, she explained that she was a photographer and had traveled to many places around the world. She told me that Cape Town was probably the best place to capture shots because the quality of the colours and the clearness of the air far exceeded most places on this planet.

Her statement reminded me of when I landed in the States about 8 years ago. I had been shocked to see that the sky wasn't the clear blue I was used to seeing and things seemed a lot more grey and dull. When I returned back to Cape Town 2 weeks later, I was so blown away at the freshness of the colours as I drove home from the airport.

The trees in Cape Town seemed so alive and were bursting with greenness. The sky, even though it was raining, was almost showing off and I was convinced I could see photons bouncing around the atmosphere. Having been away from Cape Town for only 2 weeks, I never took the beauty of my home town for granted ever again.

Fast forward to present time. Working in the travel industry, a huge part of business is photography. Now that I have my own first-hand experience, I can fully agree with my Canadian client about Cape Town having outstanding colours. Combining Cape Town's eclectic scenery and divine hues, you have a photographer's paradise.

Not only have I seen the magic in the photographs I have taken, I have seen it in the photographs other travelers and photographers have taken and posted on their websites or social media pages.

Scroll down to see why Cape Town is the best spot for photographers - no explanation needed! 


Franschhoek (source)

Cape Town photography

Boulders Beach (source)

Cape Town Photography

Chapmans Peak Drive (source)

Cape Town Photography

Camps Bay (taken by our intern, Roni)

Cape Town Photography

Sea Point Promenade (source)

Cape Town photography

Cape Town harbour (source)

Cape Town Photography

City Bowl (source)


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