South African Braai

My Very First "Braai"

I Finally Went To My Very First "Braai" In Cape Town


So after living in South Africa for 3 months, last week I went to my very first braai. Shameful, I know, but I never got the chance to go to one!

"What should I bring?" Was the first thing I asked.

“Just beer, a good sense of humour and a lot of appetite’’

The hosts were a very nice South African couple who live in Durbanville. I was invited by a friend.

It was supposed to begin at 6 o clock sharp, so I arrived there at 5 minutes before 6(pm). Don’t know if it is a South African thing, but no one was actually prepared. I laughed at my very Dutch tradition of arriving 5 minutes earlier everywhere and expecting that everything is ready.

Next thing, I was laughed at when I said that I had no idea how to make a fire! The man gave me a few lessons and within a few minutes I was flipping those pieces of wood in the fire like a pro. The beers started to be opened (Black Label, of course, my favourite South African beer) and everyone got very chatty. Then the food was ready! Once again I was laughed at when I had no idea what to do.

How many pieces of meat am I supposed to take? Why is there bread on the fire, why don’t you just use a toaster?? Why are you serving potatoes?

After all my questions were answered, I sat on the table. And holy moly! I had never tasted anything so good. The chicken wings, the potatoes with butter, the toasted bread with something that I’m guessing was cheese and onion, and the best… the lamb chops!! I think I ate like a thousand of those. After I was done, I asked very shy if I could take another plate. The man looked at me as if I was a martian and told me… actually if you don’t take at least 3 plates its considered offensive! Oh how I love this country.

For the one who invented the braai, I will be eternally grateful to you! Best thing I had in a long time.



More things that surprise me about SA:

-People call traffic lights robots. (I mean...what? robot?)

- You wear uniforms in public schools and not in private schools

- You can just cross the road even when the light is red. Even the drivers themselves will tell you to pass. Try doing that back in Holland and you will end up like a flat fried egg in the middle of the road

And that was my new entry blog! Don’t forget to leave a comment or write down something yourself! :)


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