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Meet Roni, Part 4!

Hi guys

This time I don’t have that much to write about. I’m getting more and more used to working in the office so it’s becoming a bit like a routine now. Of course every day is a bit different and every customer has different needs, but I feel like I can take care of most of the stuff that I’m being asked, which is really good. I mostly just work evening shifts so the last few hours I’m alone here as well. So it’s all on my shoulders if I screw something up, which luckily has not happened (yet).

I’ve also started a course in Social Media Marketing through Riverlodge Backackers. I have studied that a bit in school back home, but not nearly as much as one would need to understand it. What makes this new and a bit difficult for me is also the fact that I don’t really use social media that much, or at least post about my own life. I think on average I’ve posted on Facebook once a year and I think the last time was in 2014. Writing this blog thread is the first for me as well, and even this is a bit weird. I don’t really have much personal experience on posting, sharing, tweeting, hash tagging etc. But don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy to learn about it. Even though I’m not the biggest user or consumer of social media, I do understand its value in nowadays marketing and I feel like this can be very helpful for me in the future.

On my off days, I’ve started to volunteer at the Tears Animal Rescue Center in Sunnydale. I learned about it when I was still in Kalk Bay, so it’s a bit far from Pinelands (about 2-2,5 hours with public transports) but to me it’s totally worth it.

TEARS Animal Rescue Volunteer Cape Town

I’ve always loved almost all animals and especially dogs, so getting to help out and do good while spending time with some amazing canines, is pretty much a dream come true. It is also sad to know and hear what happened to some of the dogs and to realize that some have waited to be adopted for a long time. Still, I love going there and helping and plan on doing that as long as I’m in Cape Town. I might look up a similar place in Helsinki as well when I get back to Finland…


Written by Roni


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