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Meet Roni, Part 2!



First couple of weeks are housework are done and for the last few days I’ve worked in the reception area at Riverlodge Backpackers. The work itself is mostly customer service, but the different booking systems and how things are done here will take a bit more time to get used to.

It has been fun though, doing something new that I didn’t have that much experience before. Most of the time I’m probably annoying the girls in reception with my “In this situation, what do I do?” and “Can I do this now or should I do nothing?” type questions. But hey, that’s a good way to learn… at least for me.

Other than work I spent the last weekend in the owners other Hostel in Kalk Bay. It was much smaller, about 10 beds only, and the location was very different from Pinelands. It was right next to the ocean and there are couple of nice beaches close by.

One of those beaches is Muizenberg which is very well known for its surfing opportunities. I did a nice walk there on Saturday and the area was really nice. This was more or less a “scouting” trip, as I wanted to check out the place and possible ways to get there from Pinelands. I’ve been looking for a way to get there and start surfing but at least for the moment the trains there are REALLY unreliable. So that’s a bit problematic which honestly sucks, but I just need figure something else out. I’ve still got a lot of time in Cape Town so no rush yet!

Kalk Bay Cape Town

Kalk Bay 

The Kalk Bay area was pretty “touristy” so I met much more foreign people than in Pinelands. There were much more restaurants and souvenir shops and so on. It was fun to see that side of Cape Town as well, as most of my time I have spent in Pinelands with the locals. We also talked that I might go and run the reception there for the last two weeks of February so that would give me more time to explore the area.

I also did an organized Cape Peninsula trip which took me around Cape Point and couple of other places. It was really nice and I didn’t realise the size of the Cape Town area before that. Also, I had heard that Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and after driving around Table Mountain I got to agree with that. I don’t know if I could ever get used to the sight of it in the horizon.

Cape Peninsula Tour

Cape Peninsula Tour

We also went wine tasting, which was interesting as I’m not the biggest fan of wine. Still, it was interesting to hear about the different wines and how they make them and so on and, to be honest, the wine was pretty damn good and a lot cheaper than back home. We also went to Bo-Kaap and heard about the history of that part of town.

So that’s about all that has happened to me since I last wrote something. Next time who knows what I’ve been up to? Probably mostly working… but anyways thanks for reading and see you on the next one. Or not. Whatever works for you!



Written by Roni


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