Cape Town Gin Route Tour

Mother City's Latest Trend: Cape Town's New Gin Route

Jump aboard Cape Town's latest trend - the Gin Route - on a full day fantastic tour!

Clothing is not the only industry to experience trends. It's evident in other cultural aspects, with Gin being the latest trend to boom in Cape Town. Boutique Gin distilleries, brands and bars have erupted into Cape Town's scene over the past year or two, to the point where there is now an official Gin Route, similar to South Africa's famous Wine Route and Spice Route.

Local businesses have jumped on the bandwagon and created the most divine concoctions, infusing Gin with indigenous plants such as Rooibos or Buchu, various spices, or adding fruity twists. This Gin trend has really broken through the standard Gin & Tonic and taken the drink to a new, unique level, which we're absolutely loving!

Cape Town's new Gin Route was created by the Pepperclub Hotel & Spa (thanks, guys) and it has totally won over the locals as well as visitors. The Cape Town Gin Route has since gained popularity and exposure for the interactive guided tour of Gin distilleries in and around Cape Town city centre. On the Gin Route, you'll visit distilleries such as distilleries such as Hope on Hopkins, Musgrave Gin, the Woodstock Gin Company, New Harbour Distillery, Pienaar & Son and the Cape Town Gin Company, making an exciting full day tour where you'll get a tasting of each Gin.

General Manager of the Pepperclub Hotel & Spa, Efi Ella, says, “...we saw this as an opportunity to celebrate the exceptional Gin that is being produced locally – which, we would argue is even better than its international counterparts.” Let's toast to Cape Town's growing, unique and wonderful GINdustry!

Cape Town Gin Route Tour


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