Its Time To Say Goodbye To Cape Town!

Its Time To Say Goodbye To Cape Town!

My Last Blog Post For Riverlodge Backpackers And Last Adventure In Cape Town:(

Monday was my last day off so I decided to go to Cape Town's City Bowl and say one last goodbye to it. I know, it might be a big dramatic because it is just buildings, but a girls gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I walked along Adderley Street, Green Market Square, Strand Street and ended up in V & A Waterfront.

I cannot believe that it is time to go home. Seems like yesterday when I first got to Riverlodge Backpackers. The first day I got here I had no food for breakfast, so a very friendly guest walked me to the closest Spar. On our way back is when I saw it for the first time: beautiful Table Mountain, giving me a warm welcome to the Mother City. I remember the first day I was off. The thrills, my heart almost shrank by the thought of going to the city and seeing what Cape Town has to offer. I was driving past Table Mountain and when I looked to the right and saw the city....I don't think I have enough words to describe what that moment felt like.

I've done a lot of amazing things here, from parties in Camps Bay and stuffing myself at the Old Biscuit Mill, to cuddling with Cheetahs, seeing the penguins and celebrating Dutch's Kingsday at the Waterfront! From meeting avid travellers here at Riverlodge, hanging out with the coworkers and getting to know the Oude Molen Eco Village (I will definitely miss the pancakes of the Millstone Farm), there are so many memories I have made here that will not be forgotten easily.

Sometimes I wish I had a device to look back on those awesome times and remind myself that life is just amazing, and that you have to be grateful for those happy moments that you were granted. I'm pretty sure that complaining and being grumpy about our lives would be cured (a camera or video doesn't count).

I have been abroad for over a year now. Prior to this I did a study abroad in the States. People always ask me if it is scary, and if I  miss home or my family. My answer is: OF COURSE! And that is exactly why I do it. To anyone who has that wanderlust and has the hidden desire to just get out and experience something truly different, please please give it a try! Go volunteering or on an internship, or a study abroad or whatever gives you that little pinch of energy that will make you wake up every day full of excitement. How the people interact with each other, what their values are, the party, the food! Those are all the things that make a culture unique and the things you will enjoy the most when you go abroad. Don't miss your chance to try it at some point! Home and family will always be there waiting for you when you arrive, and the truth will appreciate your homeland even more after all the traveling! There is one thing and one thing only that is bad about traveling: once you are back home a piece of your heart will belong somewhere else, with the places and the people you met..

Cape Town is a truly amazing place. For all the people I met, all the memories I created, all the good times, you earned a stay in my heart and in my mind forever :)

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