Where To Find Craft Beer In Cape Town

Where To Find Cape Town's Best Craft Beer


Cape Town Is Teeming With Craft Beer. We'll Tell You Our Top 7 Spots To Find Those Refreshing Bad Boys.


Craft beer is synonymous with Hipsters. While Cape Town has its fair share of Hipster communities, the craft beer in our city flows beyond the stereotype. 

You'll see average Joe's, your grandparents, your athletes along with almost any other "type of person" sipping on the fresh, unique blends.

Why? Because Cape Town's craft beers are made using traditional brewing methods, with each brewery (local and imported) adding their own unique twist. The craft beers in Cape Town contain 100% natural ingredients and no additives, preservatives, thickeners or stabilisers, while still tasting fresh and maintaining a high standard of yumminess.

It often takes the breweries longer to brew the craft beer, resulting in slightly higher prices than your normal beer - but we promise you, it's all worth it in the end. In fact, we challenge you to go out and try some of Cape Town's best craft beers. We'll let you be the judge.




Beerhouse, craft beer in Cape Town

Let's start off with Beerhouse, a restaurant on the famous Long Street in Cape Town's city centre, that all Capetonians are quite familiar with, and all visitors of Cape Town grow to love. Indulge in over 99 brewed to perfection options, 25 taps and their legendary ’99 Bottles’ of the best local and international beer. Their beer selection includes 'normal' beer as well as an array of craft beers, with their staff having extensive knowledge on all different types of beer. Feeling hungry? Their amazing menu offers beer-infused options, as well as suggestions for which beer to pair your meal with. If you're not a big fan of beer, don't worry, they've got you covered, too!

223 Long Street, City Centre, Cape Town


The Taproom


Cape Town Craft Beer, The Taproom

The Taproom is owned by a brewing company called Devil's Peak Brewing Company. This brewpub is situated at the foot of Devil's Peak, with beautiful views of Table Mountain, producing every litre of their own craft beer. The Taproom showcases the latest creations plus year-round beer from Devil’s Peak Brewing Company, including Devil’s Peak Lager, Devil’s Peak Pale Ale, King’s Blockhouse IPA, and First Light. They also have 4 rotating taps that include some of their experimental beers, which they urge their customers to try out! They also encourage you to pair your beer with your meal, which they prepare using local produce.

150 Cecil Rd, Salt River, Cape Town


Newlands Spring Brewing Co.


Cape Town Craft Beer, Newlands Brewery

In the heart of suburban Newlands, Cape Town, is the historic Newlands Brewery, which has been in operation for the past 350 years, contributing to South Africa becoming the 2nd largest beer brewer in the world. Newlands Brewery does not brew with additives - they only brew using fresh crystal clear spring water, malt, maize, and hops. Newlands Spring Brewing Co. falls under the same company, except this microbrewery focuses on producing their craft beers alone. Mountain Weiss, Jacob’s Pale Ale and Passionate Blond are the names of their 3 styles of craft beer. You can book a tour at Newlands Brewery (book in advance) where they will walk you through their entire, intriguing history, as well as give you opportunities to taste their top quality beer selections.

3 Main Road, Newlands, Cape Town




Cape Town Craft Beer, Beerworks

Beerworks is a craft beer bar located in the village of Kalk Bay in Cape Town. They focus on supporting local and small scale breweries and supply a wide variety of craft beers. In addition, they serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and coffee with both indoor and outdoor seating, with funky graffiti decorating their walls. Their selection of locally produced craft beers are rotated regularly to provide you with a new drinking experience at each visit. Kalk Bay is a perfect, vibey location in Cape Town to enjoy your choice of craft beer, set in a historical fishing village with breath-taking views. 

124 Main Road, Kalk Bay, Cape Town


Weinhaus + Biergarten


Cape Town Craft Beer, Weinhaus + Biergarten

At Weinhaus + Biergarten, you can experience tradition in a bottle. They source their craft beer from some of Europe’s oldest, family-run breweries. Being a German joint, of course they take their beer seriously! Now, let's take a second to think beyond 'craft beer', although it's a hot topic worth talking about. Weinhaus + Biergarten can offer you quite a bit more than just beer. They also serve an array of delicious meaty dishes (it's a German joint, duh) and a fine selection of local wines. Head down to W + B on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays for some live local music. Nothing goes better hand in hand than beer and music. Yes, man!

110 Bree Street, Cape Town City Centre


Mitchell's Scottish Ale House


Cape Town craft beer at Mitchell's V&A Waterfront

Located at one of the most popular places in Cape Town, the V&A Waterfront. Mitchell's brews 6 different beers and 3 ales and serves all types of food, from seafood and pizza to light meals and pasta. Meet up with your friends for the evening where you can watch the game on TV, dance to funky live music and gulp down a couple of brews before you head out for a night of fun. If you're feeling brave, head down to Mitchell's on Tuesday evenings for a fun night of karaoke. We dare you!

East Pier Road, V & A Waterfront, Cape Town


Van Hunks


Craft beer in Cape Town, Van Hunks

Van Hunks restaurant and pub is ideally situation on Kloof Street, which is one of the vibiest areas in Cape Town. Van Hunks is very well known for their large selection of craft beers as well as having a wide range of other drinks, such as wine and shooters. They have an outdoor deck area which customers love to enjoy on those hot summer days but for those of you who prefer to be indoors, their inside bar is comfortable and vibey, too.

Corner of Upper Union and Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town


Go on, guys. Check out these places and try out their selection of craft beers. If we've left out your favourite craft beer joint, feel free to tell us in the comments below so that we can add it onto this list.


Written by Saskia Carelse
(All photos sourced from Google Images)


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