Cape Town Winter 2018 feels like summer

Cape Town's Winter Is Feeling Like Summer!

Cape Town's 2018 winter has been full of surprises - see Twitter images below

The last few days in Cape Town has us in a summer vibe! It's currently mid-winter yet everybody is flocking to the beaches, hiking on Table Mountain and pulling their shorts and dresses out from the dark corners of their closets. While everybody is soaking up the sun as much as they can while it lasts, it raises concern for others due to the ongoing drought in Cape Town and water crisis.

Recent winters have been extremely dry and our dams have reached shockingly low water levels, resulting in Level 6 Water Restrictions for people in Cape Town. It took a toll on most Capetonians but when this year's winter season commenced, there was high hope. We experienced higher levels of rainfall than what we've seen in a while, as well as cold fronts bringing in snow, hail and icy temperatures. Our dams were soon filling up quickly. Yay! The 'normal' Cape Town winter was back in the game.

Or so we thought.. This past weekend has reached temperatures of up to 26°C with sunny skies. While we shouldn't ignore the ongoing drought issue, it was great to see people basking in the sunlight and getting back outdoors - after all, Cape Town's outdoors are world-class!

We took to Twitter to see how everybody was taking advantage of the lovely weather in Cape Town while it lasted and we just had to share them with you

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