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Cape Town Free Walking Tours For Travelers On A Budget


"Our mission is to make Cape Town walkable for everyone – It’s as simple as that. That is why our tours are fun and light and run on tips alone. We think everyone regardless of their budget should experience #freetourscapetown."


Yes, you read correctly - FREE tours! In Cape Town!

It's no secret that many tour companies overcharge for their services. They take advantage because they assume the tourists comes from a country that probably have a stronger currency than ours and that most tourists are willing to pay the high costs because they are on vacation, and are eager to explore and see as much as they can.

However, Cape Town Free Walking Tours believes that everyone should be able to experience the city. Their mission is "to make Cape Town walkable for everyone" 
even if you are traveling on a tight budget, and they therefore run on tips alone.

All tours start from Greenmarket Square which is situated in Cape Town's city centre. You don't need to make a booking beforehand - just choose which tour you would like to go on, pick a day (any day of the year) and rock up! You will be able to spot the guides by their green umbrellas and smiling faces.


Cape Town Free Walking Tours, Traveling Cape Town On A Budget

There are 3 tours you can choose from, each lasting 90 minutes. Each tour takes you on a different path through Cape Town with different historical sites and monuments.


Historic City Tour

Cape Town Free Walking Historic Tour








 Starting times: 11:00am / 4:20 pm

Our Cape Town tour of heroes and villains, political violence and peaceful revolutions, drama and harmony and a great deal of personal insight in living and being a real Capetonian.

Highlights usually are St Georges Cathedral and Desmond Tutu – The Parliament and the President's House – Mandela's first speech as a Free Man – The oldest living citizen in Cape Town – Green Market Square – The Castle of Good Hope – The most spoiled citizens of Cape Town – The Slave Lodge – Company’s Garden.


Bo-Kaap Walking Tour

Cape Town Free Bo-Kaap Walking Tour









Starts at   2:00pm / 4:20pm

See the colourful houses, smell the spices of the East, hear the mosques calling for prayer, let the Cape Malay food tempt your taste buds and get a feel of what else to do in Cape Town. On the way there we might even show you a hidden place to get a local beer...

Highlights usually are The oldest Mosque “Auwal Masjeed” – “Tuan Guru” himself – The old Tailors House – The different coloured houses – Biesmiellah Cape Malay Restaurant – The Atlas Spice Trading Centre – smell the spices of the east – The beautiful Chiappini Street – Passing through Long Street and Bree Street.


District Six Tour

Cape Town Free District Six Walking Tour







Starts at   11:00am   2.00pm

Walk the partly rebuild slopes of the world famous District Six and relive the colourful and dramatic history of the place that affected so many people, caused a world to protest and inspired Hollywood Blockbusters.

Highlights usually are District Six Café – The Resettlements – The Seven Steps – St. Marks Church – a “Cairn of Conflict” – “The Gangs of Cape Town” – a Chocolate Cake to die for – Where the Locals Dine – District Six Museum – The Fugard Theatre – The “Apartheid Bar”.


V&A Waterfront Tour 

Cape Town Free V&A Waterfront Walking Tours








Starts at 11.00am, 2.00 pm and 4.15 pm

Smell the ocean, hear the seagulls and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Cape Town Mountains as we hear what one of Africa’s most popular hubs have to offer in terms of landmarks, events and quirky stories from past and present.

Highlights usually are The Marina - Breakwater Prison - Time Ball Tower - Amphitheatre - Table Mountain Frame - Clock Tower - Cape Agulhas Vessel - Penny Ferry - Nobel Square - Robinson Dry Dock - Current events - The Comedy Club - The Watershed


After the tour you may leave a tip for the guide, at your own discretion! The amount you tip them is based on what you feel the value of the tour amounted to.



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Written by Saskia Carelse
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