[WATCH] Cape Town Asked For Rain And We Got PLENTY Of It! (Latest Images & Videos)

[WATCH] Cape Town Asked For Rain And We Got PLENTY Of It! (Latest Images & Videos)

Cape Town weather has been unforgiving, with street floods, icy temperatures and severe downpours

Hallelujah! With many forecasters and researchers predicting Cape Town's winter in 2018 being just as dry as 2017's, this past weekend has been a relief. Heavy downpours and flash floods have given many Capetonians hope and comfort that our drought and water crisis is coming to an end.

Last year we saw our water restrictions become more and more severe as our dam levels dropped to critical levels. Remember when hundreds of Capetonian's were flocking to springs and other natural resources DAILY in efforts to stock up on water supplies? Now we're flocking to our beds and fireplaces in efforts to keep warm and snug.

A huge amount of Capetonians have taken to social media, posting images and videos of the wrath of Cape Town's weather. It is only the second month of our 2018 winter and this season is sure making up for the last few. Winter is on FIRE this year! 

While it's easy for us to sit behind out screens on a comfortable couch and shut our windows and doors to keep the rain out, there are thousands of people around Cape Town who live in informal settlements and don't have this luxury. So while the rain is most certainly much needed to correct the effects from our recent drought, our hearts go out to those who are directly affected by the floods and destruction to their homes. 

See the latest videos and photos of Cape Town's rain and floods in July 2018

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