Reasons Why Backpacking Sometimes Sucks

Yup, Sometimes Backpacking Sucks!


Here are 5 Reasons Why Backpacking Sometimes Sucks.

While many will agree that backpacking is awesome, let's be honest for a second and admit that there are certain times during your trip where you wish for a second that you could be staying in a luxurious hotel nestled against a mountain slope.

Although backpacking is filled with adventure and meeting all sorts of interesting characters, while saving you a LOT of money that would otherwise be spent on expensive accommodation, it definitely does have its downside.

What's so great is that although we all know these downsides to backpacking, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Anyway, let's take a look at the reasons why backpacking sometimes sucks.


The Dorm Snorer

Reasons Why Backpacking Sucks - Dorm Snorer

Raise your hand if you've stayed in a dorm and been rudely awoken during the night by someone's inconsiderately loud snoring.

No matter how tightly you squeeze your pillow over your ears, their snores somehow infiltrate the feathers and into your ears.

Grrr, I should have booked the private room!


The Food Thieves

Reasons Why Backpacking Sucks - Stealing Food

So you and your newly-found travel buddy have decided that tonight you're going to cook up a storm! Having gone to the shop and bought all the ingredients needed, you are so excited for that 'home-cooked' meal.

When you go to the communal kitchen to take out your food to start preparing.. alas! Either the food grew legs and decided to runaway or somebody staying in the hostel grew long fingers and decided to help themselves to your food.

Not cool, guys!


Saying Goodbye

Reasons Why Backpacking Sucks - Saying Goodbye

One of the best things about backpacking is meeting so many interesting and unique individuals. Sometimes you instantly click with a fellow traveler and a simple hello turns into a great friendship.

You'll go sightseeing together, cook meals together, share stories around a bonfire and who knows - things may even turn romantic. One thing is inevitable though, and this one thing really sucks; saying goodbye.

Soon the time arrives when one of you have to return home or continue traveling. Saying goodbye to your new friend can be difficult and may leave you feeling a bit down for a while. 


People Doing Things In Dorm Rooms That They Should Be Doing In Private Rooms

Reasons Why Backpacking Sucks - Sex In Dorms

Yes, you know what I'm talking about.

No matter how quiet you and your partner (or in some instances, no partner involved) try to be, believe me, the whole dorm room knows and can hear very clearly.

This is probably worse than the dorm snorer. The dorm snorer can't help his grunts and groans - you can.

Try booking a private room for the night, for goodness sake!


Cleaning Up After Others

Reasons Why Backpacking Sucks - Messy Kitchen

Most hostels you come across will require their guests to clean up the kitchen after themselves. Although they may have a cleaning team, the cleaners are not there all day every day to clean up after everybody.

So while everybody SHOULD be cleaning up their messes in the kitchen, they unfortunately don't. This results in you having to tidy up other people's messes before you can start cooking your meal, or your other option would be to cook in a dirty kitchen - whichever you prefer.


Regardless of the downfalls of backpacking, there are so many benefits! As mentioned above, you save a lot of money as backpacking prices are very affordable compared to hotels or guest houses. It's also probably one of the richest travel experiences you'll have, as you meet so many diverse travelers and end up going on so many amazing adventures with them. Compared to hotels or other more 'luxurious' accommodation establishments, the atmosphere in backpackers tend to be more relaxed and vibey. 

If we've missed out any other reasons why backpacking sometimes sucks, tell us about your bad experience in the comments below. 

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