3 Exciting Activities You Can Do In Winter During Lockdown

3 Exciting Activities You Can Do In Winter During Lockdown

Three Winter Lock Down Activities

With South Africa now officially on Level 3 Lockdown, 101 days and counting, it means we are slowly on our way back to a state of "normalcy" but much precaution still has to be taken which means you still need to take precautions such as wearing a mask, washing and sanitizing of hands, social distancing and if you have any symptoms, stay at home.

The only thing worse than lockdown, is lockdown during winter, so here at Riverlodge Backpackers we’ve put together a list of three activities that you and your family can enjoy while waiting for the much anticipated Level 1 during the winter season:

1. Partake In A Live Virtual Tour Of Riverlodge Backpackers and Oude Molen Eco Village.

Did you know that staying at home doesn’t prevent you from taking a look at the next accommodation spot you are going to be booking for your trip after lockdown ends? Riverlodge Backpackers located in Cape Town in the suburb of Pinelands, offers a virtual tour of their establishment in real time every Friday at 16:00GMT via Riverlodge's  Facebook page. Take a look at the wonderful facilities we have to offer while you are seated on your couch. The tour is hosted by Simba, our social media and marketing boff. Viewers are encouraged to interact with him in the comments sections and ask questions as they would if they were viewing the premises in real life. Think of it as MTV Cribs...just LIVE.

Image courtesy of Riverlodge Backpackers

Image courtesy of Riverlodge Backpackers

2. Book Your Post-Covid-19 Trip

While you are cooped up in your home you probably spend countless hours dreaming about the day you can finally board a plane, bus or even take a long distance trip in the family car. Instead of just day dreaming though, how about making it a reality by booking your trip ahead of time? Riverlodge Backpackers in Cape Town is currently offering a number of Post-Covid-19 packages that includes accommodation at discounted rates and can arrange any number of activities for the duration of your stay from Great White Shark cage diving, a trip to Robben Island or an exclusive wine tour. All you need to do is visit our website, choose your ideal activity and contact our travel desk staff who are well-versed in planning trips from accommodation to the transportation to and from these amazing tourist destinations. They will undertake all the admin and organise everything on your behalf ahead of Level 1.

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P.S.In the next few days this blog will be highlighting the various activities and packages that you can choose from, so make sure to check this space every day!


Image courtesy of Two Oceans Aquarium

Image courtesy of Two Oceans Aquarium

3. Play An Online Puzzle

Did you know that the first jigsaw puzzle was invented in 1760 by John Spilsbury, a British engraver who glued a map on a sheet of wood, cut out each country into pieces and used this to aid him in teaching geography? Since then jigsaw puzzles have become widely popular and still thrive in this day and age of social media. Below is our Riverlodge Backpackers jigsaw puzzle and every week we'll post a new puzzle, put the pieces together, take a pic with your phone, send it to us and we'll upload it to our Facebook page with your name and congratulatory message. Have fun and stay safe! 


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