Breakfasts & Lunches

Breakfast & Lunch At Riverlodge Backpackers, Cape Town

Although Riverlodge Backpackers is a self-catering backpacking lodge, you do have options for those mornings/afternoons when you don't feel like preparing a meal yourself.

Conveniently situated on Oude Molen Eco-Village, you can enjoy genuinely health-focused meals made with ingredients sourced from local, small scale, environmentally-friendly farms.

Soak up the sun outside while admiring the view of Table Mountain and munching on your fresh food. Once you're finished eating, take a stroll and watch the horses grazing and playing.

Breakasts & Lunches At Riverlodge Backpackers

Breakfast options:

  • Yoghurt and Muesli (Full Cream Farm Yoghurt; Made with honey instead of sugar) - R30
  • Standard Breakfast: 2 Bangers (Pasture fed Pork), 2 Eggs (Free Range), tomato and ciabatta toast - R50
  • Farmers Breakfast: 2 Bangers (pasture fed pork), 3 rashers of bacon (pasture fed pork), 3 eggs (free range), tomato and ciabatta toast - R75
  • Vegetarian Breakfast: 2 Eggs (free range) and oyster mushrooms - R50


  • Freshly squeezed juices - R25 per 250ml
  • Americano coffee - R20
  • Cappuccino - R25
  • Latte - R26
  • Bulletproof coffee (Americano with butter and coconut oil) - R28.
  • Organic rooiboos tea / Earl Grey - R20 a pot

Breakfasts & Lunches At Riverlodge Backpackers, Cape Town

If you're a guest at Riverlodge Backpackers and would like to book a table, please inform our staff at reception.

Opening hours

  • Monday: 7h30 - 10h00
  • Tuesday - Friday: 7h30 - 17h00
  • Saturday - Sunday: 8h00 - 17h00

Lunch & Breakfast At Riverlodge Backpackers, Cape Town